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  BASHIR AHMAD (owner/manager)

Leaving school early he jumped into the fray and joined the professional trade of running houseboats and organising travel and tours to the far off corners of the valley. This has been his family's business for years. With little resources but using brains and hard work he succeeded in establishing a name in creating a fleet of deluxe houseboats, attracting wide recognition. His lifelong dream came true.

He is a man of great charm, dignity, and intelligence and has a great sense of humour.

For four generations Bashir's family have served as hosts and guides for visitors. Living close by the houseboats he is always available to help with personal sightseeing arrangements and will make sure every aspect of your stay is memorable. Bashir is a good source of information on local handicrafts and will help to find the best bargain. He is a native of Kashmir, known for his warmth and reliability. He speaks fluent English and will be happy to share many insights on Kashmiri culture and way of life.

Bashir also help during the filming of the British series, "Jewell in the Crown" which featured some of his family's houseboats. (You can recognise Peacock Houseboats in part two)

From 1972 Basher Ahmad has worked promoting tourism in the valley. Bashir's family has a rich tradition of providing the best in accommodation.Bashir, together with his family and staff invite you to enjoy a slice of Kashmir with a stay on one of their luxurious houseboats on Nagin Lake. During your stay, take a famous shikara ride through the canals, a sightseeing trip to the Mughal Gardens, a day trip to the Pahalgam, Gulmarg, and Sonamarg where you can bask in the beauty of the mountains, rivers and lush valleys and all they have to offer, such as horseback riding, skiing, fishing and trekking. Bashir is an excellent water skier, angler, trekker etc.

We are able to provide you with an itinerary to meet your needs and wishes.